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Public IDLocationSpeedAdditional Info
922433525Lafayette, Louisiana60.4 mph / 97.2 km/h 

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Public IDLocationLap TimeAdditional Info
786876857Nampa, Idaho0:21.257 
665277749Thompson Speedway1:27.724 
227963651Potsdam, Germany6:00.001 
108064200Thunderhill Raceway Park3:41.8732002 Ford Mustang GT Coupe
581740610Thunderhill Raceway Park3:51.9552017 Alfa Romeo
730536479Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course1:44.6352005 Honda S2000
681236970Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course1:36.789 
295254366South America0:50.504 
331583509Motorsport Ranch Houston1:59.807 

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